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We provide Quality Wheel Bearings and Hub Assemblies Worldwide!

We carry wheel bearings, wheel hub bearing assemblies, tie rod ends, idler arms, pitman arms, ball joints, brake components, and suspension parts. Call 877-929-7280 for pricing and availability of these additional parts.

Our Wheel Hub Bearings are the highest quality, manufactured by Wheel Bearings Inc, Timken, and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

All vehicles have wheel bearings. And sooner or later, those bearings will have to be replaced. We provide premium Hub bearing units that are manufactured in the USA from only the highest quality products. All of our wheel bearings and hub assemblies are tested before they are shipped to you so we can ensure the highest quality possible.

Wheel bearings hold your wheels on and allow them to spin properly. They are an essential automotive component that must be kept in working order. Most wheel bearings are sealed at the factory (commonly referred to as hub bearings or hub assemblies) and do not require replacement until, perhaps, 150,000 miles. However, there are many cars on the road whose wheel bearings do require regular service and replacement.

Over time, the grease in your wheel bearings can breakdown and become less effective. Also grease can escape through the bearing seals until there is not enough left to lubricate the bearings. Without proper lubrication, the wheel bearings could overheat. When that happens, you usually experience a wobbly wheel or a low growl or hum coming from any of your wheels. In most cases, the wheel bearing noise will vary with steering. E noise may come and go depending on if the wheel is being turned. If this is ignored for long enough, it can cause your wheel to fall off, but this only happens in extreme conditions. You should replace your Wheel Bearing or Hub Bearings as soon as you can when you experience any of these symptoms.

Some vehicles require Wheel Bearings and some, Wheel Hub Bearings (Hub Assemblies). We provide both to our customers, depending on their needs. Hub Assemblies and Wheel Hub Bearings are an entire, enclosed hub unit containing one or two bearings that can vary in type. These units are fairly easily replaced, and weigh from 5 to 20 lbs. Other vehicles require a press in bearing. These press in bearings weigh from 1 to 5 lbs. When replacing the bearings in these automobiles, you need a Hydraulic Press. Still others have an open, not sealed hub. In these hubs, you can easily take the bad bearings (and sometimes races) and replace them with new bearings. Most of these serviceable hubs exist in older vehicles, and in some newer vehicles in the rear.. In nearly all cases, when these bearings go bad, only the bearings need to be replaced, not the entire hub. Replacement of these wheel bearings requires replacement of the old and worn seals. When you are in need of these types of bearings, please use the form above.

Replacing in Pairs. Many people replace their Wheel Bearings, Hub Bearings, and many other components of their vehicle in pairs. This is to reduce shipping fees and the overall time it take to replace two of the same parts at different times. In most cases, when one wheel bearing or hub unit starts to fail, the other is not usually too far behind. The other bearing may last a few hundred or thousand miles more than the failing bearing. There is really no way to tell. We suggest you replace your wheel bearings in pairs to save both time and money.

If you live in an area where the roads are salted during the winter, replacing your wheel bearings in pairs is less relevant if you are replacing the left side. This is due to the salt that is applied to the roads. Salt destroys wheel bearings, and it will cause the left side to go out sooner, as the salt primarily accumulates in the center of the road.

Replacing your front wheel hub bearings usually happens before replacing the rear wheel bearings. The front wheel bearing assemblies are usually replaced first because they must deal with the stress of turning.

Here at MIBearings LLC we are committed to providing you with Excellent quality wheel bearings and Wheel bearing hubs at the lowest price possible.

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